Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Street Scenes

Still walking this beautiful City.  Many of these shots are early morning, before the traffic gets busy.  Best time to walk!  Air-quality is so much better in the early mornings.

We always try to remember the camera, too, because you never know what you'll see as you walk through Cuenca!  These pictures span several walks over several days.

Nice, old stone foundation.

This mural is Vega's work.  He has several murals around town.

We're so glad someone has decided to turn on the fountains at Parque Calderon!
Another picture of the stuffed horses for photos.  Love the hat collection!

Trees and plants are in bloom at the Square.  It's Spring here.

As soon as the water turns off, the birds like to come down.

Christmas is coming!  We're seeing more and more decorations and lights for sale in the shops.

More lovely stonework.
Headed down Av Solano to the Stadium...
This is a picture of soccer fans wearing Cuenca team shirts and some fun hats.
We love this old simple building. 

Vendors outside the New Cathedral. 

We are delighted that this wonderful old building will be renovated and repaired soon!

One day, we walked with our cameras to CA Kitchen.  These pictures were taken along Av. G. Sangurima.  A nice statue outside the school and some old buildings.
There is always something for sale...

Catching up with Chuck and Nancy for breakfast, we enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood, and the bluest of blue sky!  The sky that day was really this blue!

Our knitting and crocheting friends will appreciate the yarn shop and the choices for sale. 
There ARE yarn shops in Cuenca!

Yet another beautiful sunset from the porch.

Another day...  Barbara and the 2 Nancy's taking a rest and deciding where to go next. 

Love all the details and repeating patterns on the fences and gates.

A quiet side-street near the big Feria Libre people's market.

At the flower market.  This picture is one of this week's bouquets.  Interesting that all flowers 'go together'! A little bit of everything this week.

We'll continue to take more pictures as we walk this beautiful City, so stay tuned!


  1. Great shots. I really like the horses in Parque Calderon.

    Is the yarn Alpaca or Wool?

    Cinco días hasta que deje de Cuenca.

    Hasta pronto


  2. Hola Len,
    The yarn looked like wool (sheep), but I didn't go in to feel it and ask.

    Audrey (Chuck's sister) told me to always ask for 'lana lana' in the markets if you're wanting wool. Just 'lana' may get you acrylic.
    For alpaca, ask for 'alpaca', but it still could be a blend of some sort.

    See you soon, you're almost here!
    Safe travels,

  3. We really enjoy all the pictures. Counting the days until we move. So many things to do.

  4. Wonderful pictures. Can't wait unitl its our turn to take the pictures.

  5. Love the yarn shop! I'm still working through some of the yarn you sent me before you left. I think of you two in every stitch!