Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Day on Av Munoz

We decided to continue the walk down Av Munoz, from Borrero toward Av Huayna Capac.  A very old part of Cuenca.  The neighborhood has been renovated a bit, compared to how it must have looked in those old days.  The still-narrow street was clean and looked like it had been repaired fairly recently.  At one time, we suspect it had been a dirt road, one of the main entries to town.

(Ruth, we know your map of Cuenca is right next to the computer.  Time again to walk with us!  Find Av Borrero and Av Munoz...Munoz runs above Av Sangurima,  below Pio Bravo...We're walking toward Av H Capac.)

Here are pictures from that day.

Old Military building with a new one next door.  No close-ups of the military compound.

Street scenes.

Old stone work and adobe.

An old Church, now a school.

Looking down side street, Av. Cueva.

You can see San Blas' dome on this side street, Av M Vega.

Setting up.
Folks eat well in this neighborhood!

We bought 10 tangerines for a buck.

At Av. H Capac, off to the left is an old plaza, called El Rollo, with a beautiful old statue of la Virgen de la Merced. 

(We're still trying to determine what she is holding...we think they are symbols of justice.)

This is one of the original entry points to Cuenca.  Goes back to the late 1700's.  It was also the location for public hangings.

(A longer view of the plaza and Virgin.)


We really enjoyed exploring this old neighborhood in the northern area of Cuenca.
Off the beaten path and so fascinating!

(Ruth, if you and Art were here with us, we'd be stopping for hot chocolate just about now to warm up!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I really the photos and the virtual walking tours. John from Canada