Friday, September 9, 2011

Doors of Cuenca

Here is our latest 'door' collection.  A wide variety...old, new, traditional, creative, and all functional.

Behind each of these doors is a treasure to discover!  We love when the doors are open and we can explore.

At the San Alfonso Church.

Crosses at ground'll remember the rumor that these crosses are meant to deter public urination.  We usually see them near the churches.

Another old carved wood door at Church La Merced.

Metal door at the Mayor's Office with old symbols.

Fancy grill work at the CIDAP museum.

The back side of Hotel Alcazar.

On Sucre.

Roll-up doors are common all over the City. 

Old, old door in need of some work.

Church doors at San Sebastian.

We had to smile at this one...there is a red sign that says 'Wells Fargo' at the window over the door.

Wood door near the Square, with lovely hardware.
Doors at Santo Domingo Church.

See that little spot on the right?

Here's a close-up.  Very cute!

One day, we passed a religious complex with pretty gardens, a convent and a high school.

One of the doors was open! 

We peeked inside.  A courtyard with more gardens and a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Some of the building's architecture...

Details of this door.

Sign for the adjoining school...

Our hearts and prayers go out to all suffering with the reminder of the 9/11 events 10 years ago.  Though the day's events were on US soil, it truly had, and still has, global impact.  Several Euadorians died that day as well, and their familes still mourn the loss.

Hug your family and friends this weekend!


  1. Thank you for these photos. I think doors say so much about the culture. These are quite fascinating.

  2. nice post, Nancy. Thank you for the peeks behind some doors and the thoughts. sharon

  3. What an original concept, posting the doors in Cuenca! Wonderful post.