Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun at the Square and Happy Birthday, Patti!

On our way to lunch and more walking down Av Munoz, we were delighted to see a little celebration at Parque Caleron.  The streets around the Square were blocked off to traffic and we followed the music...

Booths...the cooking school.

Demonstration of decorating a cake... 

Dancing in the street!

We sat and enjoyed the festivities for awhile before continuing on. 
Another bit of fun.


We are busy organizing some more pics of neighborhood walks...lots to share soon!
Always fun to take our readers along for the walks around town.


Happy Birthday wishes to our dear friend Patti/P2!
Hoping chocolate is on the celebration agenda this weekend for you.
Wish we could send you the cake above, it looked delicious!


  1. The photos are gorgeous, Nancy. It looks like an amazing time!

    It was so nice to finally meet you in person tonight at the California Kitchen. It was such a fun time, and Paul and I really enjoyed meeting you and Rich, and all the expats in person!

    Take care. I really enjoy your Blog!


  2. Thank you, Gayle.
    We enjoyed meeting you and Paul, too.
    Have fun here in Cuenca!
    N and R