Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday's Pictures -- Del Vado Plaza

This Sunday, we had to check on the progress of the construction at the new cultural center area with Chuck and Nancy. We've shared earlier pictures of this plaza before and here is latest progress shots.
Del Vado translates as 'ford', as in river...It's located right above a stretch of the river.  The path along adjoining Av La Condamine turns toward Calle Larga and the busy 10 de Aug market (on the way to the Kook for Sunday breakfast).

Here's Chuck and Rich walking toward the plaza on the road that is all prepped for new.

Some of the buildings along the way are old adobe, some in the process of restoration.

New street lights!

You can see the big Cross canopy in the center of this picture.

Some progress on this old building...

We discovered a new set of stairs on the backside, going up to the Cross.

Lots of new paint along Av La Condamine.

We'll share more pics on the progress of this important area later.  Really looking forward to seeing it when it's all completed!

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