Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pio Bravo Neighborhood

One day, we decided to walk the other way, away from downtown, from the CA Kitchen along Av. Borrero.  We've been back in this neighborhood a few times.  Always something interesting to see each time.  It's a real neighborhood, folks live on the economy, streets are busy with street vendors and little shops. No fancy shops or restaurants, no imported goods, just families living their lives...

One of our friends used to live in this neighborhood.  She felt so close to downtown, and it really is close...It always amazes us just how 'walkable' our Cuenca is...everything is close by.  You can easily 'hoof it', but there are buses and taxis, too.

Pictures along the way...

Bill Gates?

Looking back toward downtown.

The street UP reminded us of the hills we used to climb in San Francisco!  Unlike those days, we didn't have to stop to catch our breath and rest half way UP (we must be  in much better shape here, yay!).  Some of the sidewalks are steep and also have steps, just like in SF.

Many of the buildings look like old Adobe, with a newer 50's-type front...

Borrero leads right back to Av. Sangarima...and the 9th de Oct market.  (Some readers will remember our story of this plaza and the woman who caught the pigeon...)

We'll share more pics toward the old entry to the City later.

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