Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Architecture

Cuenca is a UNESCO City and for good reason!  The architecture and history are stunning.  We're catching up on sharing more pictures (for you, Patti!)
These were taken downtown during a few walking adventures.  You can really see the buildings if you're on foot!

We love all the details.

Lots of pretty balconies filled with flowers.
Yellow orchids.

You can see the fairly empty street on a Sunday.

Close-up of the top of the same church.

A small church at San Blas.  One of these days we'll find the gates open so we can peek inside.

Zoe's has been a popular place for Expat events.  It's now for sale.

A newly renovated building, designed to show off the 'old' features.

Some old buildings, with great bones!,  still need renovation work.

A grand old house in the middle of downtown.  Deep lot, pretty garden.

On Calle Larga.  It looks like the 2nd floor was added later.

We've been invited to view the insides of some of these buildings, too.
Here are some pictures from some renovated hotels downtown.  You never know what you'll see behind the doors.

Lovely lobbies.

Looking up...

This screen has inserts of mother of pearl.

Wall decoration.

Deep lots with dining rooms, open courtyards and gardens.

One more shot of new construction at San Blas.  Fascinating building techniques.

More pictures later.

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