Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another fun visit with Bob, Rox and Coquita

It always seems like a too-short visit with our family from the Coast, and this time was no exception.  But, the visits are always productive and fun!

Bob and Rox began shopping for this year's Christmas Party for the Kids.  The annual event grows each year and 2011 looks like they will treat about 400 childen and their families...So, it's never too early to begin planning and shopping.

If you'd like to help with contributions, there is a Paypal account set up, here:

While you're checking out their blog, be sure to also read summaries of past years' parties...always fun to see the smiling faces!

We also were able to deal with some business and family stuff...easier to do 'in person'. 

But, when family comes to visit, it's not all work!  We ate, we drank, we laughed, we solved all the world's problems (now, if only the officials would listen to us!)

Serious talk always calls for ice cream...

Our porch became 'communications central'.
Rox's new 'do, so adorable, both of them!
Bob got a new 'do, too...handsome!

More pics of the fabulous Senorita Coquita, for her world-wide fan club.

Coquita was her usual charming, entertaining self...what a special doggie!  So much personality in such a small body.

A 'little touch of family' is a good thing.

They even brought some good weather with them!  Blue skies.  (View from our porch one early morning.)

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