Sunday, September 25, 2011

Av A. Vega Munoz and Onward

This is part 2 of our 'walking fools' day.  This day's recount begins on the previous post, where we began down Av. Lamar from our apt.

Munoz is a street of contrasts, as many neighborhood streets are.  We walked this area on a Tuesday morning, but it felt like Sunday...not much traffic and an occasional bus.  It did get busier as we got closer to downtown.

Here are some pictures.

You'll notice the ever-changing sky.

Old and new together.

The truck in this picture is carrying yellow propane tanks.

Modern hair salon.

We cut over to Borerro.

This is a technical school near the CA Kitchen.  Interesting art work.

We passed the Red Cross.  Headed down Borrero, toward Calle Larga and the Coffee Tree.

Remember when we decided not to take pics inside La Merced Church during the services?  (We wanted to be respectful.)

We found the church open again, no services, so here is a pic.  Beautiful.

From the Coffee Tree, we headed down the stairs to the Inca Lounge for lunch at the river.

After lunch, we headed across the walking bridge over the river toward Parque de la Madre (Mother's Park). 

We hadn't really noticed this building before...

From the Park, we walked through the neighborhood a bit, enjoyed an ice cream treat, then back to Av Solano for a taxi home.  We felt lucky to get a cab, as the afternoon rains had just begun!

Another interesting walk through our City and another fun day with friends.

Stay tuned for more walks, more neighborhoods...still lots to see here.

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