Saturday, September 24, 2011

Revisiting Mariscal Lamar

One day this week, we headed on out for a walk...little did we know at the time we'd be walking clear across the City!  Hadn't planned it, just happened.  We're happy to report we survived the trek, with a few breaks with friends.  It wasn't a power walk, by any means, as we saundered along, taking pics, chatting, checking out the scenery and watching our feet.

It really didn't take too long to do the route...As you get to know the neighborhoods, you'll realize just how walkable this compact City really is.  We took a coffee break, walked, then a lunch break, walked...we even managed to hail a taxi for home along Av Solano as the afternoon rains began.  (Not bad, considering we left the apt about 9:30am and got back to the apt mid-afternoon.)

This is part 1 of our 'walking fools' day...

We hadn't walked down Av Lamar for awhile, so we headed out our old way...
Up the hill, past the Punto Deli onto our old familiar walking street.

Some changes to report...

There is a new park, all done, with fun-looking play equipment for the children.

AND, new signage!  Reminders to clean up after your dog.  These are the first such signs we've seen here in Cuenca, may there be many more!

We stopped to give one of our favorite doggies a pet.  He's such a sweetheart.

Construction at La Cuadras is progressing.

Fruit in the back of a truck, maybe headed to market. (Tangerines, we think.)

A costume shop we hadn't noticed before.

We cut up to Munoz, headed downtown...we'll do that portion in our next post.

Great truck!

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