Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Walk In Our Neighborhood

After walking to town for some errands, we took the taxi back to our neighborhood.  We had been admiring some street art from the taxi earlier and wanted to see it all up close.  We had the taxi drop us off at the Oro Verde Hotel for a quick cup of coffee, then headed out further west on foot.

The hotel coffee shop has lots of goodies...

The new construction next door to Edificio Palarmo is coming right along...
It's the Riverside.  (on Av Ordonez Lasso, not the river).

Palarmo is the apt building right across the street from the Oro Verde.
It's probably the tallest building in Cuenca at 20 or so stories.

Most of the newer construction seems to be capped at 10 stories in this area.

The apt buildings across the street from the Palarmo.

Further west, some older buildings.  We hope they don't get replaced by new highrises too soon, but it's bound to happen...the downside of 'progress'.

Down a side street, looking back toward Lasso.  That's a soccer field.

The fun street art!

Some close-ups.

We turned left along the river, more apt buildings and houses.

(The archery field.)

A pretty mosaic entryway.

Some construction at the backside of Oro Verde.

Still some empty lots in the neighborhood.  We suspect the lots will hold more buildings one of these days.  Busy, popular neighborhood.  Buildings are going up like hotcakes!

Spanish language school.

River side of the River View building, under construction.

Recyclers at the river.

Gardener taking a break.

The construction around the river side of Terrazza looks like it's almost done.

We hurried home as it looked like it would rain any minute.  Made it!

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  1. The Terrazza looks so much better with all the fencing gone. Can't wait to check it out in person.

    See you soon.