Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walking With The Watsons, Part 1

We are so delighted that our friends, Chuck and Nancy, are back in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Our traditional Sunday walk is always special when they are in town.

On our first Sunday together since their return home, we had to start with the underpass road construction.  Lots of changes since we 4 have walked this area.
Concrete beams are going in.

A worker cutting a tree with a machete.

During breakfast several folks stopped by to welcome home the Watsons.  We weren't the only ones who missed them!

Afterwards, we walked on over to the art vendors nearby. 

Lots of fun things for sale.

A very hot afternoon!

We were all happy for our hats.

Very long stems on the flower purchase (You can see the light switch in this pic.  The flowers are standing on the floor.)

The bouquet will need the perfect vase...

Our next Sunday is part 2.

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