Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sharing This Week's Walking

More walking Cuenca this week.  Always something fun to share.

We like this Church and all the details.

Construction at the flower market's convent.

Plants and dirt for the garden  and the pots.

The coliseum is named for Ecuador's Olympic winner, Jefferson Perez.
He won for race walking.  In 1996, he won the gold.  In 2008,  he brought home the silver.

Perez is the only Ecuadorian to bring home Olympic metals.  He was born and raised right here in Cuenca.  A local hero.

Here's his story:

Gorgeous flowers!
Maybe this white arrangement is for a Church for Holy Week.

Chances are...if you buy roses in the US, they were grown in Ecuador.

We smiled at this street art.  The 'eyes' give it real personality.

More eyes on the side of a building near the Square.

Lovely 'Totems', by artist E. Vega, at a round-about at Av U Nacional y R. Crespo.

New construction in our neighborhood, The River View Building.  Coming right along.

A structure on someone's fix-up list.

A new roof in process.

All done.  That was fast!

Our neighbors are getting settled in at nearly Edificio Amazonas.  We think they are enjoying their balconies.

These black-eyed Susans are in bloom, everywhere.

We zoomed in on 'something' from our porch one day.  Looks like communications equipment along the ridge.

More excellent progress at our round-about.


Street tiles near the round-about.

Some of the surrounding sidewalk has been re-routed. 

Walking down Av Gaspar Sangurima, we passed this school.  Unfortunately, it was earlier in the week and mid-day, so the bus fumes made it hard to breathe.  Now we call this street:  GASP-urima.
So much better to walk this route early mornings or on Sunday.

The San Sabastian fountain is on!

Sign outside the baby shop near us.  Getting ready for Mother's Day.

The City is getting ready for Doce de Abril (12 of April, Cuenca's Founder's Day holiday).  Lots of flags up.  The red/yellow ones are for Cuenca.

We are expecting a celebration! 

Cuenca was founded and named in 1557.  We suspect the people have been celebrating ever since.

Viva Cuenca! 

We'll report back later on the festivities,
including Holy Week.


A couple more fun pics:

Folks getting fresh air.

Sunday, outside of the SuperMaxi, there was a belly-dancing performance!

The music and dancing was promoting the new shop at the mall.  Great fun!

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