Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walking Pictures, Part 2

More walking pictures for the Watsons...

Bricks neatly stacked for a renovation.
We've been watching this project for awhile now.

Vendors setting up early one morning.

More men at work.

One day we rested at San Sabastian and watched the world go by.

Fountain was ON again!

The sky was amazing!

Families passing by...

Watching the birds...

...and the 'tourists' also enjoying the sun...

Back to our walk to downtown.  Always fun to see the variety of goods for sale.
This shop sells both potatoes and shoes.

Cuenca's flag, with the seal.

We stopped for lunch and this pretty bouquet was on the table.

Walking toward the flower market...  the construction plywood now has fun street art.

More visitors in town.

A street vendor.  Busy for lottery tickets.

Love these little chubby legs!

Oh my goodness!  The tiniest kitten in a box.  It had a loud meow, much bigger than it was.  We could hear it halfway down the block.  A vendor at the SF Market was selling kittens and herbs.

Hurry Home, Nancy and Chuck!  We sure miss you guys.


  1. R&N,

    We will be home in one week from today.

    We have enjoyed our travels but one down side is missing our good friends.


  2. Great photos( as always) I love the multi-product vendors. I passed a vendor selling shoes and chiromoyas