Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to Sigsig

We've made several fun trips to the countryside around Cuenca. 

One day we visited the little town of Sigsig, known for their Panama hat making.  Colorful gate to the town.

Several ladies weaving hats in the courtyard.

Old tools of the trade.

Dyeing work, drying.

Lovely hats for sale.

We liked these dollies, too.

Colorful shopping bags.

A huge Panama hat on display in the courtyard.  It was made in pieces and sewn together.  Looked like crochet, shell stitch...

The hat shop/museum is located at the river.  This day the sun was very intense.  Here's Barbara wearing a newspaper on her head.  We had a good laugh; All the news that's fit to wear.

It's fun being tourists.  Always something fun to see out there.

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