Sunday, April 8, 2012

Days of Our Lives

Our regular readers will know we like to walk all over this City.  We often share pictures of fun things we see along the way...

We always have to check on the underpass construction.  We are so fascinated by the techniques and progress, as several of our readers are, too.

This project never sleeps!   No rest for the workers, even on Easter morning.

Walking down Gran Colombia, new street art...

At San Sabastian, booths are going up for Founder's Day, 12 de Abril.

We were delighted to see folks headed to a parade on Easter Sunday.

Some street scenes...

A vendor selling dancing/wind-up toys.

This wonderful dog is posed for photos with the children at the Square.

More road construction along Av Sucre...

A stop for ice cream.

Chef's Salad at CA Kitchen.

Concert getting ready at Plaza Otorongo.

We're still having fun walking our City.  Always something new.

Happy Easter!

Our 'floating man' wore a crown today.

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