Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walking Pictures, Part 1

This week's walking pictures are for the Watsons.  We want to keep them 'in the loop' so they won't feel they are missing out while traveling. 

For those readers who are new to our blog, be sure to check out the Watson's they are in Cuenca, Spain!
Lots of similarities to Cuenca, Ecuador.

We'll do these pics of our Cuenca in 2 parts.

We love all the balconies in the historic area.

This balcony is complete with flowers.

A favorite old, falling down adobe building.  New grafitti one day...

Cleaned up the next day.

We pass these fences and doors on the way to town.

Lots of repeating patterns.

We hadn't noticed this cross before, maybe it's new for Holy Week.

Road construction all over town!
This project is on Calle Larga.

Round-about update... 
(Maybe we should start calling this road construction the 'new underpass'...the 'round-about' is being replaced with this massive roadway.)

Moving the beams into place.

Replacing transformers.

Neighborhood is noisy with all the heavy equipment.

We had a power outage in the neighborhood last night.
Could have been related to this 24/7 operation. 

The back up generator in our building kicked in, but the neighborhood buildings without back-up stayed dark for about 2 hours.  We could see candles and flashlights in nearby houses and apt buildings during the outage.
There was still loud music and singing in the neighborhood, despite the dark.
Pretty flowers in bloom on M. Lamar.

Gas delivery truck, a familiar sight.

This day was hot, mid-day.  Doggie in the shade.

A stroller!  Unfamiliar.  We don't see many of these...

Empty side streets during Holy Week.  Lovely skies...

Part 2 is next...

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