Thursday, April 12, 2012

Window Shopping, Booze and Flowers

Always fun to see what we can see.

Our mornings have been looking like this one lately, out our windows from the porch.

This is just one of several yogurt drink/yuca bread shops around town.

A reader asked about booze in Cuenca...  Yes, there is some here.  Imported booze will set you back a bit because of import taxes.  Local beer and zhumir are lots cheaper.  Here are some pics around a liquor shop on Gran Colombia. 
(Most shops won't sell you booze on Sundays, but some restaurants will sell alcohol up until about 4pm.)

Several party shops downtown. Some with elaborate pinatas.

Fun hats in the windows.

A wedding shop with cake toppers and figurines.

A bookstore window with a little bit of everything.

Flowers in a back courtyard. 

A striped rose.  Beautiful!

This week's flower arangements at our apt.

Hoping this pretty bamboo will root...

Back to window shopping...Lots of colors to choose from...

A poster at San Blas.  Cute child all dressed up, complete with moustache!

We've been organizing our pics, so we'll post more later.

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