Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doce de Abril Mercado

We got to talking with friends and learned about a new-to-us neighborhood around the 12 April people's market.  It's not on the tourist maps, not on Av 12 de Abril, but taxi drivers will know how to get you there.  It's located past the Central Bank area, past Av H Capac, in that part of town.

We dodged the afternoon rain and headed on out after lunch.

Outside the market.  Medical offices upstairs.

Street scenes.

Renovation projects are everywhere in this City.

We bought aji peppers, peaches and tomatoes (that smell like they should! and perfectly ripe), comotes (purple yams),  tangerines...

Not all produce is from Ecuador...we also saw some from California and Florida.

The market is clean and organized with beautiful produce and wide aisles. 

Because we got there mid-afternoon, it wasn't very crowded and some of the stalls were already closed.  We're sure it's bustling in the morning hours.

We'll definitely return to this area soon.  Another fascinating neighborhood in Cuenca!


  1. Oh, my! The fresh produce is so enticing! Yum. Tomatoes that actually smell and taste like tomatoes, wonderful. What about Papaya? Is it available? I have visions of sitting on the terrace eating fresh papaya, look at the mountains, beach, or garden. Such beautiful. Thanks for the photos. Twila Pickrell, Lubbock, TX

  2. Hola Twila, thanks for writing.

    Almost all produce in the people's markets is sold just right and ready to eat, unless it's being shipped some distance. Most is grown within just a short distance from here.
    The tomatoes we bought the other day are to die for! The peaches are heavenly, too! We remember the peaches and tomatoes in the US were almost tasteless, unless we scored some really good ones at the growers markets.
    You're going to love the produce here. Actually tastes and smells like we remember from our childhoods. A wide variety, including papayas.

    You will find familiar and new-to-you produce in all the markets, all fabulous!

    Salud, N