Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Saraguro Shopping

Saraguro is known for stunning beadwork jewelry and weavings.  The rugs are beautiful!  We had to go shopping for both. 

Some beaded necklaces are wide enough to cover the shoulders.

The highlight of the trip was meeting this wonderful woman.  It was a true honor to meet her and spend some time learning about her family and her crafts.


Here's Fabian modeling hats in her shop.  We all laughed.  We think our new friend laughed the longest.

We'll definitely be back to see more.

 A very fun trip!

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  1. Just returned from two week Spanish class in Cuenca and made weekend trip to Saraguro. Meeting and shopping in the same shop was one of my highlights as well. Purchased a Tupo for my wife, which she loves.