Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Chairs

Yes, we do more than walk around Cuenca!  Here's a change of pace...


We used to have a very uncomfortable loveseat recliner in our TV/reading area upstairs.  Now we have VERY comfy reclining chairs and foot stools! 
The chairs swivel and rock, too. 

A little trouble moving the old loveseat down the apt stairs, but the guys did a great job with no damage.

Headed to the front door of the apt.

Here's the crew, trying and hoping! the loveseat will fit in the building's elevator.  It did fit, but just barely.  Everyone was relieved.  We were a little concerned that the guys would have to carry it down 10 flights of stairs.

Ta Da!  The only important things missing in this picture is Rich's Kindle and a blankie.
These new chairs fit us just right. 
Now to look for a table and lamp...


  1. Those look so comfortable! Where did you find them?

  2. Hey Rich - get that Kindle going. It looks perfect! I, too, would like to know where you found the chairs. It is hard to find really comfy chairs that recline.
    Great job, you guys. Sharon

  3. These chairs came from a shop called 'Status', located on Av Huayna Capac.

    We've heard they are sold out.

    Shopping here is kind of like shopping at Costco in the US. When you spot the perfect something, be ready to buy it when you see it! Good stuff goes quick here.

    Good luck with finding the perfect chairs! Be patient. It took us several months of looking.

    Thanks for writing,