Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photography and Shawl Pins

On our walk today, we were happy to come across a display outside the Coffee Tree at La Merced Plaza.

Booths lined up with photography!
All very good.

Here's a favorite.

There was also an artist selling his traditional-style shawl pins.  Just beautiful.

We continued our walk down the stairs at Calle Larga and over the river. 

Oh dear, more yucky scribbles on the old lovely buildings on Av 12 de not good. 

We sure hope it gets cleaned up soon.

We've been trying to ignore the increase of ugly tagging in our wonderful City, but this is hard to ignore.  It's so in-your-face and disrespectful.

To end on an upbeat, here is the river today, pretty as ever.

After the afternoon rains, we have seen the most stunning, heart-stopping, drop-down-gorgeous sunsets!

Last night the sky was on fire! 

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