Sunday, October 16, 2011

Walking Pictures (For the Watsons)

We continue to try to get out and walk each day.  The rain comes in usually each afternoon, but the mornings tend to be dryer and it's easier for walking.  The streets aren't as slippery. 

We also try to avoid the intense sun here.  It can feel really hot, even with our hats and umbrella.  The temperatures, though, rarely go above 80F.  Average temperature gauges during the day range in the 70F's, but some days in the sun can feel like over 100F to us in the direct sun.  You can get both extremes, downpours and brutal sun, in the same day at this time of year.  Perfect walking weather usually early morning, not too hot or too rainy.

 'Thought we'd post some walking pictures for Chuck and Nancy.  We are really missing our Sunday walking partners and look forward to their homecoming next month.

On Av. Bolivar.   Looked like a senior home of some kind?  This door is usually closed when we pass by, so we were happy to have the chance to peek inside the courtyard.

Familiar scenes at the Square.  Spring is 'springing'!

Meet Dennis and Ella, two very friendly and charming children we met at the Square last Sunday.  They were passing by with their parents as we lounged on a bench.  We chatted, shook hands and the little ones wanted to get their picture taken.  They LOVED seeing themselves on the camera (so did their parents). 

A delightful 'little moment' with adorable children.  We were so pleased we could communicate with this family in Spanish.

Nancy and Chuck, you would have really enjoyed this visit!

The Watsons will know what bench we sat on in the Square to get this picture.

They will also know what streets we walked for these.

Here's something that we think is new. or maybe it's just been closed when we go by. A little snack shop right across from the Coffee Tree.

Early morning shot from our porch. Always have to check out the weather before heading out (not that the weather stays the same! But, you can see it's not raining...)

And, here's a pic at the end of the day last Sunday.

We had to stop in at one of our favorite hotels, Mansion Alcazar.  Not on Sunday, but we were in the area.  Beautiful!

Close-up of the ceiling's repeating patterns.

Bar area.

We love this fountain in the main lobby.  Always decorated with flowers.

Roses everywhere!

Chuck and Nancy will know instantly where we walked...we've almost worn a groove in the sidewalk walking this street.

Fun vehicle.

On the way home.

Our church bells have changed the daily, early morning tunes.  Now it's 'Blowing in the Wind' and Christmas Carols! 
Never too early to get ready for Christmas here in Cuenca.

Today, being Sunday, we'll be walking.  But not in Cuenca. 
We'll post a blog on today's trip later.


  1. We miss our Sunday walks with you also! Every Sunday you two are in our thoughts. Can hardly wait until next month when we can get back to our "walking with Rich & Nancy" schedule. Thanks for the blog post. You just made our day!!

  2. I think I would go crazy with all those neat designs! (ceilings, etc)