Monday, October 24, 2011

Side Streets and Sunday

On our walks to Town, we often meander and zigzag and cut up and down side streets.  Here are some pics...always something interesting and fun.

Flower shop.

Great old building with good Italian restaurant, Mangiere.

A fun boutique sign.

Water delivery truck.  Water in Cuenca is probably the safest in South America, but some, including us, have water delivered, too.  Some of those old pipes in the City can sometimes make your water dirty, especially if there is road work in progress.  Newer buildings also heavily clorinate the water which doesn't taste all that great to us. 

Got to check out the beautiful strawberries and tangerines.

Another flower shop, they are everywhere.

More street construction at San Sabastian.

We are so excited that this old building is getting a re-do.  We've walked past it many times and we were hoping someone would save it.
Here's a bakery already selling colada morada. 
This is the special drink for All Soul's Day.

La Merced Plaza.  These folks are awaiting their bread coupons.  Bakeries in the area honor the coupons.


 This is the first year we've seen decorations and so many costumes for sale.


Guys washing their motorcycle with a power washer.
Someone turned on the fountain at San Blas!  Pretty!

Headed to the Square...the sky was really this blue!  Not a cloud in the sky.

A lively protest at the Square.

More blue sky!

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