Friday, October 28, 2011

More Pics for the Families

Periodically, we post pics of friends for the families who miss them.  Thanks for reminding us!

It's been awhile, so these pics span several months.  You will recognize many of these happy faces!

(Some of these pics are 'out-takes' from previous blogs.)

A HUGE Happy Birthday shout-out to the Watsons who celebrate this month and to family members who celebrate in October, too.

It may look like all we do is eat here, but, honestly, we all do more than eat and make merry!

More fun at the Square.
Great shirt!
New friends Luke, Charlie and Barb.
New friends, Rod and Christine.

 New friends, Velma and Mark.

Up in the Andes.

We'll post more pics of friends later so stay tuned.

A sweet treat for the birthday kids!


  1. Thanks for the birthday shout out. We will see you in about three weeks. Love the pictures of everyone.

  2. We sure miss you guys! Cuenca is just not the same without you.
    See you soon and safe, happy travels.