Monday, October 3, 2011

Old Crosses of Cuenca

Ecuador is mostly a Christian country, so there are many Churches, many Crosses.
You will see both everywhere in Cuenca.

In early days, entrances to the City were marked by a Cross.  Some of these Crosses are still here.  Some examples:

*San Sabastian
This Cross was known as the 'Humiliation Cross' in Old Cuenca.  It's where the bad guys were tied up, whipped for their sins and sent out of town.

*San Blas
This Cross is located on an old building at the Square, across from the Church. 

*Todos Santos
Here's a picture of (part of) the Church.

The big Cross out front.
This Church is under renovation.  You can also see the fun artwork on the fence surrounding construction.

View from the river side.

This is another Cross overlooking the river.  Crossing the river in the old days was treacherous and the Cross served to protect the travelers.

It's located at the Plaza Del Vado, the location of the new cultural center (we've been sharing the pics of the ongoing construction of this area on previous blogs).
Here is an old photo of the same Cross before the canopy was added.

Today, this Cross often has decorations and flowers added by the faithful.

This picture was taken from Av Munoz...another lovely old Church and Cross.

Our hearts are with the Watson family this week.


  1. Love the pictures of the churches and crosses! Kathy

  2. Thank You! We love all the beauty, too. We sure live in a lovely City, don't we.