Friday, October 7, 2011

Agua Tales -- New Washer!

Someone once said:  'Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.'

Well, we know this can happen in Cuenca.

The torrential storm earlier this week flooded streets, cut off power and damaged some City water structure. (This is a picture of rain on the porch windows, looking toward Edificio Terrazza.)

 We don't much mind the rain.  Keeps everything green and the air smells so fresh!  The rivers are full, too.


We had another water episode in our apt related to the power outage during the storm.  Some readers will remember our flood/s in our apt related to the washer and its confused electronics.  When the building power goes off, this washer's electronics go crazy and the washer just keeps filling, overflowing and flooding the apt.  We thought we knew how to reset...we do, but the washer just doesn't want to listen any more.  It's old, it's crabby, it's set in its ways, and now it's time for a new one.

Picture of old washer.  Adios!

Fortunately, we were home when the flood happened, so the water just got as far as the kitchen this time.  We've learned from past experiences to never run the washer when we're not home.  The good side is that after mopping up all the soapy water, we ended up with the cleanest kitchen and laundry floors in Cuenca!

We are happy we live in a well-managed, seasoned apt building.  The guards are professional, friendly and helpful.  Systems work!  Security works!  We didn't have to go through the shake-out period of brand new buildings when we first moved in, as the building had already been occupied for about 5 years.  (Our apt came with this older washer, and it has served us fairly well for well over 2 years.)  Our building management is organized and the bookkeeping is functional...which means, we don't get those nasty notes from the office that some folks get in other buildings.  You know, the ones that say they will turn off water for non-payment, when you did in fact pay and have a receipt (which you have to then produce if you can find it!)

Our building also posts notices in the elevators for outages related to maintenance or safety or even parties!  We realized too late about the water outage recently when we had no water for a few hours as they had to fix the system.  It was a surprise, but we hadn't been out so we missed the notice.  Notices of outages seems to be rare here.  Workers usually just take down the service and fix a problem, no matter the time of day or inconvenience.  Always wise to have bottled water on hand.  Goes for the power and internet, guarantees for perfect up-time for any system here.

(This bottled water stand is from Artesa, a great gift from friends.)

We have a building back-up generator that kicks in when the power goes out.  The other day, it did kick-in, just like clockwork.  But, our washer just didn't want to cooperate this time and reset when the building power came back on.  So, the next morning's laundry load just kept filling and filling and filling...The only way to stop the filling was to pull the plug, plug it back in, tinker with the programming and hope for the best.  It eventually worked enough to empty the tub and start over, but it was touch and go there for awhile.

We measured the space for the new washer and Rich went shopping...The old washer was hauled off and a new one arrived the same day.  Here it is in the living room, awaiting the workers to install it. 

It's a Samsung, no internal, traditional-style agitator (same kind as in our Adobe rental).

A picture of the internal workings, with external hoses ready to be connected and the manual (in Spanish). 

The installer showed up, as promised, the next morning right on time.  Super service from Espana and it works great!

Easy and simple.

Now to look at new dryers...the old one has had its problems, too.

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